Summerhill Farms near Kooskia, operated by David and Cheryl Stottlemyer, offers one of the most visible booths every week at the Orofino Farmers Market. Their tent features fresh, organically grown produce, homemade granola, raw honey, bulk nuts and beans. Also known as the "Christian Gardener", David offers a five-hour video on natural, sustainable gardening methods, with a spiritual, biblical flavor to support the value of healthy gardening. (208) 926-4186

Debi Bordini of Fraser, on the Weippe Prairie, exhibits her custom, handmade lampshades and a sampling of her fresh, natural produce.

Debi also offers free-range chicken eggs (while they last), sustainably raised produce, and the widest variety of fresh herbs of any vendor at the Orofino Farmers Market. Oh, and don't forget her home grown garlic... some of the best, this side of the Mississippi!

Joyce Simonsen, of J-D Farms, offers local farm-raised -- and USDA inspected -- pork and beef products. Lots of regular customers for these "better and fresher than the grocery store" cuts.

"Bread & Jam by Barby", operated by Barbara Weir of Peck, is a popular stop for the Orofino Farmers Market regulars. Her homemade breads and jams of every description often sell out. Besides Barby's decadent cinnamon rolls, her bread line includes: honey white, honey wheat, Hawaiian, 10-grain, cinnamon raisin, lemon poppyseed zucchini, banana nut, caraway rye, black Russian rye, coconut nut (say that ten times fast!), pumpernickel, Swedish rye, apple, and her new top selling chocolate chip zucchini. Call ahead for special orders: (208) 486-6029

Haley's Truck Farm of Juliaetta grew out of ... a garden that was taking over their property! Tons of fresh produce every week, dozens of beautiful veggie and fruit offerings. Jack and Judy invite you to stop by! Oh, and a variety of Jack's bird houses are also available!

Grace Kehlet does a booming business with her SEEDLESS blackberry and SEEDLESS blackberry/red raspberry jams and frozen "squeezin's". She also offers crisp delicious green grapes in season and hand spun and hand-dyed yarn for knitting purists!: (208) 476-5526

Addison Thomson (9), daughter of David and Gradi (pictured at left) Thomson of Weippe, takes a turn on an old fashion spinning wheel, used for making yarn. Working the wheel is "hard" according to Addison. The wheel was part of a demonstration at Grace Kehlet's (pictured at right) booth, where she's added hand spun and hand-dyed yarn to her offerings, for the knitting purists out there!

Margie Willis and her brother Phil Nelson sell cut-dried flower arrangements, stained glass art, and ... are ready? Habanero-Pineapple jelly. You never know WHAT on earth you will find, at the Orofino Farmers Market. Give them a holler at (208) 476-3097

Johann Altmiller, JAR Art Cards of Orofino, offers fine art greeting cards and prints of her own art creations. She also sells the "Tastes of the Clearwater" cookbook, for which she was the graphic artist.
(208) 476-5354

Kathleen Walker of Orofino operates Kathleen's Kitchen, and is a new "regular" at the Market, and offering a nice variety of homemade baked goods and crocheted potholders, made of wool and cotton (no acrylics)... the REAL stuff! For special orders, contact Kathleen at (208) 476-4882

Amanda (Reggear) Sobrevilla and daughter Emalee of Orofino operate "Me and Emalee" every week at the Market! Specializing in affordable handcrafted accessories, offerings include hair pretties, bling to dress up jeans or flip-flops, and other gift items. For more information, check out the blog at or find them on Facebook, or just give a call, (208) 553-2247.

Jim Maxwell, of Jim's Year Round Produce, shown here with his daughters and key assistants, Cassie (10) and Casey (12), offers a very large selection of healthy and lush produce. Watch for Jim's farm on your way to Lewiston, located on Highway 12 between Arrow Bridge and the junction with Highway 95. For special orders, (208) 791-8167 or

Linda Rodriquez of Peck, proprietor of "Handcrafted by Linda", features hand crocheted, colorful afghans. Her booth can usually be found next to her famous sister's, Breads by Barby! For special orders, call Lynda at (208) 486-6727

Ken, Beth, and 10-month-old Hayden Pratt, of Orofino, operate Hayden's Harvest, featuring a smattering of produce, and a rich collection of jams with creative names such as Lerry Berry (lemon-wild cherry), Bingle Berry (bing cherry-pineapple), and Buckle Berry (blackberry-huckleberry). Ken loves to barter, so bring whatcha got for a trade, if cash is short! Special orders appreciated, (208) 827-0799.

Dick Bovey of Orofino showed up in August, 2010 to display his hobby of making recycled silver spoon bracelets, and recycled golf club campfire forks...all "one-of-a-kind".
Larry Tracy of Lower Fords Creek wanders in occasionally to sell his famous local golden honey in quart jars. Gary Warford of Lenore comes down for a few weeks of the market each summer to sell out his three grades of hand-shelled English walnuts. Jeannie McIntosh of Hidden Village, proprietor of Big Mac Crafts, offers her unique handmade earrings and other crafts. (208) 827-1797 Bill Miller (and wife and life partner Connie), of Greer, takes time out from kokanee fishing to pass the time selling local produce, Connie's home canned pickles (sorry, all sold out - courtesy of the Orofino Farmers Market webmaster!), and rabbit meat. Cassandra and Matt Taylor of Kamiah, operate Bee Luminous Candles, featuring handmade, non-toxic, environmentally friendly beeswax candles. For information or special orders, contact them at, or find them among the many hundreds of crafters at! Trent Morgan and his wife Laura (not pictured) treated the Orofino Farmers Market to some very early fresh local produce from their Lewiston-based garden which they refer to as "Morgan Orchards"! On this fine early July day, they brought lettuce, spinach, beets, zucchini, kohlrabi, eggs, specialty potatoes, dried fruit, and cabbages the size of soccer balls. Drop them a line at Nancy Lombard, and husband Dennis (not pictured) of Weippe, operate Mountain Flutes. Dennis handcarves the cherry and walnut Native American style flutes, many of which are sold to the Nez Perce National Historical Park Museum near Lapwai. Here, Nancy displays her wide assortment of beadwork, including earrings, necklaces, and bags; and her knitted house slippers and of course, the beautiful flute bags. For special orders (208) 435-4455 or Terry Lester, of Designs in Glass, Orofino, offers her fine "fused art glass" jewelry to eager browsers at the Market. For product information or special orders, give her a call at (208) 827-1475 DK Hosking of Stites, proprietor of Rose Hill Woodworks, builds custom furniture of ANY description or type of wood, specializing in log and rustic styles. He will sell, trade, or barter for services. Here DK enjoys an early August market in 2011. For special orders, contact DK at (208) 926-7074.

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Get Ready for the 4th of July!

We are looking forward to celebrating our nations independence this 4th of July!  And to get ready, we hope you’ll come by and visit our booth at the Orofino Farmers Market on July 3.  We will have some strawberries, rhubarb, lettuce, Swiss Chard, beets, carrots (I hope), spinach, broccoli, and artichokes… yes, artichokes from our own garden.  Will also have our gluten-free raw granola, almonds, and honey from Canada.  As a special treat, Jolene will not only be playing some patriotic songs on the harp, but she has made some pies for sale (strawberry/rhubarb & apple) to raise money for college.  Hope to see you there!

David Stottlemyer – Summer Hill Farm

For market June 26.  Summer Hill Farm will be having spinach, lettuce and spring mix.  We should also have a very limited supply of beets and, perhaps, some Swiss chard.  Strawberries and rhubarb should round out our produce section so be sure to check out our gluten-free raw granola and almonds along with our raw honey from Canada.  See you at the market.

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Five year old kid-preneur Anson Hanes-Miller operates Country Boy Goodies, a featured vendor for opening day at the Orofino Farmers Market, June 14. Anson is trying to pay his way through Orofino Kindergarten this fall. He is the son of Amber Hanes-Miller and Hugh Miller. Look for Country Boy products at future Markets! Orofino Farmers Market was proud to comp a one-time free booth to support Anson's educational aspirations. Jensen Family Farm & Bakery of Orofino is the latest "kid-preneur" venture at the Orofino Farmer's Market. From left to right, Colbie (11), Casie (13) and Colton (11). The 3C's are the children of Johnnie Jensen of Orofino, and yes, Colbie and Colton are twins. At this June 21 Market, the Jensen's were offering brownie cupcakes and plants - including strawberries, chives, thornless raspberries. Oh, and brownie cupcakes. (Did I mention delicious brownie cupcakes?). Pearl Russell,, crafty kid-preneur from Stites, Idaho, offers decorative bracelets and homemade candles. For special orders, call (208) 926-8858 Arie and Hans (not pictured) Sween, sons of Karen and Tod Sween of Orofino, operate the Sween Family Farm booth. Featured items at this market include cherries, vegetables, and homemade "doggie bone" treats. For special orders give the boys a holler at (208) 476-3453. James (13) and George (10) Bolling, operate J & G Cherries, hoping to "make a little extra money and save up for a car," according to James. Offering bing and Ranier cherries, the boys are under the care of Teri and Jim Bolling of Orofino. ---------------------------------------
Judy and Ross (not pictured) Besich of Kamiah, operate Deertrack Designs, offering their own line of custom jewelry. Shown here at a June Orofino Farmers Market, where they are known to exhibit, you are also welcome to call and discuss your jewelry needs at (208) 270-0303. Carole Galloway of Freeman Creek Originals (near Cavendish) offers a smorgasbord of colorful, handmade clay art jewelry and ornaments, hand-painted tool handles, and other knick-knacks. (208) 476-7110 Cheryl Maas, operator of Little Canyon Lavender & Wool Farm, Peck, offers dried and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as jams, cookies, and paper crafts. And of course, a wide selection of sinfully scented and beautiful lavender products. Oh look, raspberries too! For special orders or product information, give Cheryl a holler at (208) 486-6017 or Gloria Hoffman of Hoffman Enterprises, Pomeroy, Washington, offers an eclectic line-up of rag rugs, purses, and more, made from remnant fabrics. Stop by the Hoffman booth for lemonade, or other odds and ends as well. For special orders, Camille L Doherty of Juliaetta offers her 'Fit To Be Dyed' tye-dye style clothing and accessories. Goods include colorful stuff for men, women and babies, and include everything from from dresses and tank tops, to t-shirts and hoodies. Check her out on Facebook (Camille Lilly Doherty), or call her for special orders, (208) 791-3699. Lenie Peltier of Lewiston operates'Pearl of the Orient', featuring unique, handcrafted jewelry made of pearls, shell and gemstones, and all designed by Lenie herself. For special orders or more info, contact her: June Cleveland of Orofino features produce from her home garden, including this massive harvest of fragrant dill. Future offerings will also include Roma and canning tomatoes, in season. Keri Wilson, of Wilson's Banner Ranch near Clarkston started exhibiting in August, 2011. On this fine day the Ranch brought peaches, nectarines, pears, raw honey, black cherries, sweet corn, and even gallons of the new crop of wild huckleberries! Other family members (not shown) include Colleen, Joe, and Annetta. For special orders, or information on their on-farm U-pick operations (corn, peaches, pears, and apples), contact them: (509) 758-2664 or Also find them on Facebook (Banner Ranch) or check out their website at The "Doghouse", a popular local hotdog and haystack vendor, is now a featured booth at Orofino City Park on Tuesday afternoons, as part of the 2011 Orofino Farmers Market. Owner Dana Losey, assisted by daughter Hayden, enjoyed opening day of the Market, June 14.